The digital transformation for SMEs

New technologies and digital transformation is also needed in the Galician SMEs and there are many tools available to small and medium enterprises that can be very useful for day to day. For this reason, the Demonstration Centre ICT (CDTIC) of the Xunta de Galicia launches AceleraTIC program structured around six sessions digital transformation of 8 hours each and are held at the headquarters of CDTIC in Santiago between June 9 and July 13.

The sessions, which are offered for free in the morning and afternoon, will focus on the following topics:
09/06/2016. Strategy for the new digital environment. Foundations of a digital strategy, new business models based on digital trends (cloud, bigdata, mobility, internet of things) and analyze the opportunities and challenges of the digital environment.
06/16/2016. Digital Marketing for SMEs. New digital communication channels exist, such as new consumers, digital techniques to attract, capture, conversion and customer loyalty are.
23/06/2016. e-commerce. commercial and logistical dimensions will be analyzed by moving the importance of multicanle strategy and delivery processes of the products.
06/30/2016. Big Data & Business Intelligence for controlling business management. Analytics to calculate trends and prediccións in order to implement analytical solutions based on data management control.
07/07/2016. Analysis data for controlling the digital strategy. Defining indicators for digital strategy, measurement tools like Google Analytics and systems for measuring key campaigns and results.
13/07/2016. Transformation and change management in the organization. Awareness and training not only in digital, Senon to maintain a more flexible and open to changes required by the digital transformation attitude.

The sessions are aimed at managers of SMEs in order to acquire the necessary to understand the value they bring to the business technologies and drive the necessary changes in the company for a true digital transformation skills. Those managers who complete the six days, will receive the title “Specialist Program Digital Business Transformation” by the School of Business Afundación.