The best tapas in TapasxGalicia contest is in Pontevedra

The second edition of Tapas x Galicia proclaimed chefs the Cafetín Pontevedra as the authors of the best tapas in Galicia in 2016, say the professional jury while the Public Award was won by the establishment of Vigo, Ruxe Ruxe. The decision was taken at the gala show cooking in which the winners of local competitions of the seven large cities of Galicia (A Coruña, Santiago, Ferrol, Lugo, Ourense, Vigo and Pontevedra) competed in direct developing its creation to a jury professional composed of the director of the Centre of Hospitality of Galicia, Marta Fernandez, the president of Galicia Calidade, Alfonso Cabaleiro, secretary ofCluster Turismo de Galicia, Cesáreo Padal, president of Nove Group, Miguel Angel Campo, and journalist Radio Galega Jose Manuel Garcia. They were responsible for choosing the best Galician cook 2016 based on its top, valuing the originality and the use of Galician product.
Gerson Iglesias and Carlos Barreira, of Ruxe Ruxe of Vigo, meanwhile picked up the Special Public Prize, awarded by the vote of the guests at the event, chosen at random. The winners, in addition to obtaining the recognition of his work were rewarded with a stay of a weekend in a Galician spa and a trophy created for the occasion by the sculptor Luis Loureira.
The event, hosted by Yolanda Vazquez and Quique Morales also attended by the Director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, and cooks Luis Peral, Oído Cociña Coruna; Siro González, Restaurante Siro Gonzalez of Santiago de Compostela; Pablo Fuentes and Alberto Rodriguez, the Bodega Estrella de Ferrol; Alejandro Mendez, Os Cachivaches Lugo and Cristina Dias, Porta Pia de Ourense.