Galicia and North Portugal move forward with plans to create a cross-border tourism cluster.

Galicia and North Portugal move forward with plans to create a cross-border tourism cluster.


Cesáreo Pardal participated in the new meeting held in Porto to discuss the possibility of submitting an application to the POCTEP.


The project is included in the Tourism Master Plan 2021-2023 Galicia Safe Destination.


The representatives of the tourism sectors on both banks of the river Minho continue to take steps to make the project of setting up a Cross-border Tourism Cluster Galicia North Portugal a reality. This was discussed last May during the meeting that took place in Oporto during the workshop organised by the Galicia Tourism Cluster with thirty Galician companies, and it was discussed again last week in a new meeting held in the Portuguese city.


The headquarters of the Regional Coordination and Development Commission of Northern Portugal hosted this new meeting, which was attended by the president and vice-president of this body, Antonio Cunha and Beraldino Pino; the Xacobeo commissioner, Cecilia Pereira; the head of the Quality and European Projects Area of the Galician Tourism Agency, Laura González-Dopeso; a representation of Porto and North Tourism headed by its president, Luis Pedro Martins; the director of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Galicia-North Portugal (GNP-ECT), Nuno Almeida, the deputy director, Xosé Lago; the manager, Alfonso Rubio, and other representatives of that entity, and the president of the Galicia Tourism Cluster, Cesáreo Pardal.


All of them showed their willingness to work together to submit an application to the Interreg Spain-Portugal Cross-Border Cooperation Programme (POCTEP) for the creation of this Cross-Border Cluster. In fact, the project is already contemplated in the Tourism Master Plan 2021-2023: Galicia Safe Destination prepared by the Xunta, the Galicia Tourism Cluster and the three Galician universities.


From private companies in the tourism sector there is great interest in the implementation of this new joint entity of Galicia and Northern Portugal since it would have the necessary size to access markets with great potential such as the United States and Canada.