Galicia can surpass this year the 5 million tourists

The conselleiro of Culture and Tourism, Roman Rodriguez, made this announcement during his appearance in the Parliament of Galicia, in which he outlined the measures that his department is implementing in tourism.

Until September Galicia already received more than 4.1 million travelers who made more than 9 million overnight stays, which is “the highest figure in the historical series” in this period, according to stressed the head of Culture and Tourism, Roman Rodriguez, during his appearance in the Galician Parliament in which he added that tourism in the autonomous community grew above the Spanish average in that period (6.5% compared to 0.6%).

Rodriguez also said that tourism is growing in quality, based on data such as that the average stay is at its highest figure in the last seven years or that income from the hotel sector grew more than 8.3% over a year ago, generating more than 250 million euros. Similarly, he noted that hotel rates and profitability improved by 2% and 6%, respectively, compared to 2018.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism says that these figures “are not the result of chance”, but respond, to a large extent, to the efforts of the Xunta to promote quality tourism. Thus, he highlighted the latest measures promoted by the Xunta to promote decentralization and deseasonalization of visitor flows such as the project Choose Galicia or the line of aid to promote the holding of conferences and events in our Community on the occasion of Xacobeo 21, measures that Rodriguez believes are serving to deseasonalization and decentralize visitor flows.

The regional Minister of Culture and Tourism recalled the opportunity that Xacobeo 21 will offer to consolidate the growth of the Way of Saint James that has been registered in recent years. Rodríguez alluded to the plans to prepare the hostels and the paths that the Xunta set in motion to “favour the development of all the itineraries”.

Similarly, the Minister of Culture and Tourism valued the good data of the Way of St. James and stressed that he hopes that the next Xacobeo 21 will continue to enhance the different Paths. In this sense, and with the aim of favouring the development of all the itineraries, she highlighted initiatives launched by the Xunta such as the Shelter Plan, or the Maintenance Plan, among others.