Galicia Destino Sostible closed 2022 with more than a hundred and a half products launched.

Galicia Destino Sostible closed 2022 with more than a hundred and a half products launched.

The Product Club launched by the Cluster with the collaboration of the Xunta de Galicia now has 70 companies.


Only half a year of life has been enough for the Product Club Galicia Destino Sostible launched by the Galicia Tourism Cluster with the collaboration of the Xunta de Galicia through the Galicia Tourism Agency has made an important place in the Galician tourism market as a reference space for those looking for proposals that are also committed to local economic development.


Since its creation, 70 companies have joined this Product Club, which includes travel agencies, hotels, rural tourism establishments, campsites and other diverse accommodation, as well as complementary offer companies and even a museum, as is the case of MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia.


This good reception of Galicia Destino Sostible among the Galician tourism sector has also resulted in the rapid configuration of a wide range of products. The list of proposals designed by the Club members and available to users through its website now totals a hundred and a half. There you can find everything from routes by bicycle, boat or on foot, to packages that combine elements such as gastronomy, accommodation, enoculture, sport and adventure, as well as unique getaways, astro-tourism or an introduction to activities such as sailing or climbing. Galicia Destino Sostible also offers options for all types of public: couples, families, groups or even to enjoy alone.


The first companies to join the club had the possibility of accessing a sponsorship programme financed by the Xunta de Galicia to design the Club’s first products, with a total budget of more than 300,000 euros. The deadline to apply for these grants ended at the end of October last year, but the Club is still open for companies to join the Product Club.


Galicia Destino Sostible was officially presented on the 11th of July last year with a big event held in the restaurant Culler de Pau (O Grove), holder of two Michelin Stars, with the participation of numerous authorities headed by the President of the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda; the President of the Cluster, Cesáreo Pardal; the chef Javier Olleros, owner of the restaurant, and the director of the agency Tee Travel and member of the board of the Cluster, Mar Rodríguez, and the participation of numerous representatives of the sector.


In addition, on 25 October, the Product Club was the focus of a monographic conference organised by the Cluster at the hotel A Quinta da Auga (Santiago de Compostela), with the participation of the director of Galicia Tourism Agency, Nava Castro, the renowned chef Pepe Vieira, from the restaurant that bears his name and which has just been awarded its second Michelin star; Jesús Picallo, vice-president of the Cluster and responsible for businesses such as the Hotel O Semáforo in Fisterra; Pablo Mariño, from the marine tourism agency Bluscus; Amelia García, from Atlantis Adventura; the physicist and meteorologist Martín Barreiro, and the president of the Cluster, Cesáreo Pardal.


In addition, Galicia Destino Sostible has been very present in all the activities carried out by the Cluster in the last six months, such as presentations, workshops and presence in national and international fairs and has also focused a press tripthat has brought to Galicia an outstanding group of journalists from specialised media both nationally and from the North of Portugal.