Galicia shines more brightly in the Michelin Guide

The restaurants O Pazo, in Padrón, and Ceibe, in Ourense, achieve their first star and join another dozen Galician establishments.


Pepe Vieira obtains its second star and joins Culler de Pau, both members of the Galicia Destino Sostible Product Club, as a representative of the community in this position of the culinary podium.


Galician gastronomy is shining ever brighter in the culinary firmament of the Michelin Guide. Two restaurants in the region won their first stars at the gala held last Tuesday, bringing the number of Galician establishments distinguished by the prestigious gastronomic publication to almost twenty. These are O Pazo, the restaurant run by the brothers Óscar and Manuel Vidal from Padrón, and the Ceibe restaurant, a project based in Ourense and run by Lydia del Olmo and Xosé Magalhaes.


In addition, the gala held in Toledo, at which a total of 289 establishments from Spain, Portugal and Andorra received awards, also served for Galicia to boast its second restaurant with two Michelin stars, with Pepe Vieira adding a new star to the one he has already held since 2009 for his restaurant in Poio. Pepe Vieira joins Culler de Pau, the restaurant run by Javier Olleros in O Grove, on the second step of the podium of the Michelin Guide. Both restaurants are also members of the Galicia Destino Sostible Product Club created by the Galicia Tourism Cluster, which confirms that quality and sustainability can go hand in hand perfectly.


As for the rest of the Galician establishments distinguished with the stars, the list only suffers from the already known drop of the Compostela restaurant Auga e Mar, which closed its doors last May, only a few months after obtaining this prized recognition. O Eirado (Pontevedra), Silabario (Vigo), Maruja Limón (Vigo), Casa Solla, (Poio), Yayo Daporta(Cambados), Nova (Ourense), Miguel González (Pereiro de Aguiar), A Tafona (Santiago), Casa Marcelo (Santiago),Árbore da Veira (A Coruña), As Garzas (Malpica) y O Retiro da Costiña (Santa Comba) have kept their stars.