Galicia activates a telephone for visitors with Covid-19 symptomatology

With the aim of taking extreme measures for early detection of COVID19 in view of the reopening of the borders and the beginning of mobility between provinces, the Xunta has activated this week a specific telephone service to attend to all those people who visit Galicia in the coming months and show signs of Covid-19 during their stay in the community.

Thus, if a person visiting Galicia perceives any of the symptoms of Covid-19, they can call the new attention number 881 00 20 21 activated by the Galician Health Service and, from there, receive all the information they need at any time.

Even if the person presenting Covid-19 symptoms does not have the Galician health card, the Sergas will assign him/her an appointment with a health professional who, after an initial telephone consultation, will be able to determine what is appropriate and, if necessary, request the diagnostic test he/she considers necessary.

In the event that the test result is negative, you will simply be informed of the result and reminded of the set of health and hygiene recommendations established by the Xunta de Galicia. If the result is confirmed positive, the health professional will continue with the established process, in addition to activating, if possible, the home monitoring system.