Fernando Gallardo reflects on the # Hotel2020 in his seminar in Compostela


Fernando Gallardo reflects on the # Hotel2020 in his seminar in Compostela

Powered by the Hospitality Association of Compostela, in collaboration with WayandGo, Blue Café, Correos and Trivago, with the collaboration of the Ciudad da Cultura Foundation, Compostela hosted a new seminar by hotel critic Fernando Gallardo. Under the title “New professions in the tourism industry of the XXI century”, Gallardo delved into the challenge facing hoteliers in the coming years and how hotels will be on the horizon of 2020.” The future lies in the Chaos and unpredictability, in creativity and design, “he said while stressing that 47% of the work we know today will have disappeared over the 20-year horizon.

Gallardo addressed, among other issues, the implantation of robots as substitutes for some of today’s tourist professions and in this sense, he advanced that tour guides and receptionists are tourist professions in danger of extinction in a near horizon.

Innovation and implementation of new technologies
And is that in just a decade, technology companies have replaced the oil and energy in the world ranking of stock market capitalization. At the same time, these companies require 25 times fewer employees than in the past. The substitution of human labor for robots has already begun, freeing people from routine and alienating tasks. Consequently, the future work of human beings will be more focused on creativity and freedom. This maxim, applied to the tourism sector, assumes that 30% of the work we will do in the next 20 years is not known at present. In this regard, Gallardo raised issues such as the application of new technologies to hotels and the value of people in the hotel experience. The seminar served its participants to raise an interesting reflection on the future of the sector in the medium and long term and adptación to the new technologies.

Writer, journalist, lecturer, trends analyst and new hotel concepts, Fernando Gallardo has visited more than 26,000 hotels worldwide in his 38 years of career in the hotel and tourism world. Creator of the Hoteles Encanto brand, he has been a critic of EL País hotels since 1978 and author of over 100 hotel publications at EL PAÍS-Aguilar Publishing House.