Expourense organized half of the international fairs held in Galicia

Expourense organized half of the international fairs held in Galicia

The Expourense Foundation took stock of its activities in 2018, the year in which the sporting events and competitions held at the fairgrounds in Ourense received more than 113,000 visits.

The presentation of the report coincides with the retirement of Alejandro Rubín, who is leaving the management of the Foundation.

Internationalisation and the diversification of uses were the mainstays of Expourense’s operations last year, according to the report that the Foundation presented this week, coinciding with the end of the management of Expourense’s alma mater, Alejandro Rubín, when he retired. During 2018 Expourense held 13 fairs, which brought together more than a thousand exhibitors from 38 different countries. Three of them (Xantar, Termatalia and Funergal) with international character, that is to say, half of the international appointments that were celebrated in Galicia last year were organized by the Foundation. Throughout the year, the fairground in Ourense hosted a total of 17 events and 15 sports competitions, which brought together more than 113,000 people. These figures make Expourense one of the most important fairgrounds in Galicia” as a business and internationalisation centre that drives Ourense’s economic activity.

In the balance of the year, Rubín also highlighted the works carried out by the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry to promote the fair activity and promote the multifunctionality of the enclosure, it is worth remembering that last year was the first complete one in which the indoor athletics track was in operation. Among other actions, various image and projection equipment was installed and the energy efficiency of the facilities was improved.

Future challenges

Looking to the future, Alejandro Rubín opted for three paths: “we have unique consolidated events, let’s keep them; we have the possibility of growing sports and we have to work on incentive tourism. A future that will continue forward but with the relief at the head of the direction, as the alma mater of Expourense is retiring this March. After 20 years of work and internationalization of fairs such as Xantar or Termatalia, Rubin has managed to turn this exhibition space into a pole of attraction for professional encounters both nationally and internationally, creating especially strong ties with South America.

During this time, Rubin has combined his position as manager of Expourense with the presidency of the Galician Association of Fairs and Events, and has received recognition as the Outstanding Director of Institución Ferial of the year 2017, being valued by his colleagues as an indisputable reference in the sector.