In October continue the special tourist trains

Renfe launched in October Train Thermal and North Way to Santiago, in its campaign to promote tourism in Galicia. This new route, which circulated on Saturday 1 and Oct. 22, includes, in addition to the train ride between La Coruna and Lugo, a thermal session at the spa hotel Guitiriz first leg of the trip, a visit to the Gothic chapel San Alberte, located inside a lush forest, a walking tour of a section of North Road of Santiago and a pedestrian tour of the historic center of Lugo, including the Interpretation center of the Wall and the House of Mosaics .
To get the full proposal travelers should bring a bathing suit, hat and appropriate footwear, while the spa itself provide them with towels. Tickets, which can be purchased on the website of Renfe with a cost of 40 euros, includes bus transfers between stations and the various places visited.