The II Sports and Active Tourism Show extends its programme by one more day

It will be held in Expourense on 15, 16 and 17 November as a prelude to the Popular Race of San Martiño

The first meeting of the advisory committee of Sportur Galicia, the II Salón do Deporte y Turismo Activo to be held in Expourense in November brought as a novelty the extension of one more day in the program of activities. Thus, the fair will be held from 15 to 17 November 2018, increasing its professional character and serving as a prelude to the Carrera Popular de San Martiño (Sunday 18). In this meeting the new edition was presented to about fifteen representatives related to tourism and sport from public and private entities, companies and sports federations of Galicia.

In addition, the fair will take place during the week, from Thursday to Saturday (instead of Friday to Sunday like the previous one), which will allow business actions to be strengthened and, at the same time, serve as a showcase for school sports. Sportur Galicia will also be this year’s collection point for the San Martiño Race Track bibs.

The second edition of the Sports and Active Tourism Show will once again be divided into three areas. The first of them is dedicated to the commercial exhibition of products and services and the promotion of tourist destinations. The second will focus on sports exhibitions and will be expanded due to the high demand for the first edition. The last of these areas will be the professional one, which includes the organization of workshops with tour operators and a program of conferences and working groups in which successful models applied in other territories will be known and which combine the effort and collaboration between different agents of the public and private spheres and the federations to promote the adequate and sustainable exploitation of natural resources. This is the case, for example, with hunting or sport fishing, which are also closely linked to rural tourism.