Cluster organizes the workshop #quedamosenGalicia to make Galician tourism products known to Spanish agencies


Cluster organizes the workshop #quedamosenGalicia to make Galician tourism products known to Spanish agencies

Participants will have a virtual stand with meeting and contact spaces in which they will show their products and meet with heads of visiting agencies

Travel agencies from all over Spain will be able to visit a virtual exhibition and meeting space created by the Galician Tourism Cluster in which Galician companies will publicize their tourism products on November 17 and 18.

It is a tool that participants can easily access, upon registration, in which, in a very intuitive and simple way, they will visit a booth area for products and an auditorium area, dedicated to providing more generic information about destination Galicia.

Visitors can access each exhibitor’s stand with a single click. Once inside, they can make an appointment to speak with the contact person, in addition to viewing the audiovisual content: videos, explanatory brochures in pdf, etc.

The stands may show a promotional video, a link to the exhibitor’s website, a chat or videoconference area, commercial offers, a graphic dossier, a games area or raffles, the possibility of personalization with the brand and access to contact links (email).

The workshops are open to 35 exhibitors, who will be companies from the Galician tourism sector. During the first day (November 17), the visitors will be representatives of Viajes El Corte Inglés from all over Spain. On November 18 it will be open to the participation of all Spanish travel agencies.

Companies interested in participating as exhibitors (up to a maximum of 35) must send an email expressing their interest and providing the basic information: name, surname, email and contact telephone number. Places will be assigned in strict order of registration. The registration period ends on Thursday, November 5, at 1:00 p.m.