Growth, uncertainty and sustainability, the keys to tourism in 2017 according to Hosteltur

Growth, uncertainty and sustainability, the keys to tourism in 2017 according to Hosteltur

The specialized publication points out in its last issue those that consider innovations that will mark the evolution of the sector

In its latest issue, the Hosteltur magazine reports on the tourist trends of 2017, trends that are especially focused on personalization of the experience and are marked by three key vectors: growth, uncertainty and sustainability.  In this environment, more and more companies and destinations strive to innovate to differentiate themselves from the competition, launching new products and services to the market. In spite of the figures for recovery, good figures for the sector as a whole and employment growth, uncertain elements continue to be perceived: the impact of Brexit in the European Union, the arrival of Trump on a global level , Terrorism or the unstoppable rise of tourist houses are elements that generate tension, not forgetting that the fact that they come more
Tourists to Spain “will not necessarily move in more revenue if that price war occurs or that tsunami of non-regulated supply,” analyzes Hosteltur.

In addition, this year is sustainability, and according to data made public in Fitur, a third of tourists will be chosen this year by ecofriendly and responsible destinations. More and more tourists are more in favor of participating in destination in tasks such as beach cleaning or contribution to local businesses. And accommodation should be in line with this sensitivity and hotels with sustainability certification have become a real requirement for many tour operators.

The ultra personalization of the experiences, as mentioned above, will therefore be one of the trends of this year, taking advantage of the information offered by Big Data, applicable to both services and tour operators or hotels, who increasingly opt for a Microsegmentation of its clientele in order to adapt its offer to the different market niches, developing a strategy of personalization of the experience offered to the client. In this way they seek to achieve their full satisfaction and consequent loyalty.

The future is here

Among the trends that Hosteltur stands out are the new features in mobility (airplanes, taxis, rental vehicles), virtual reality, which comes stomping to encourage the inspiration, training and entertainment of travel by making them “experience” their first person travel or the so-called “internet of things”, which will mean a real revolution in the next few years. The implementation of this technology will allow connecting different devices to each other to offer the guest a totally different experience in the hotel, as it will control windows, temperature, water, etc. from your mobile device “