The Galician Federation of Rural Tourism (FEGATUR) in collaboration with rural tourism associations from different geodestinations and through Tourism of Galicia launched this week the training campaign Galicia Safe Rural Tourism, with the aim of promoting the training of the staff of rural tourism establishments in view of the reopening of the post coronavirus.
The campaign consists of six online training seminars that will be developed during the month of June aimed at management, staff and external services of the different Galician rural tourism accommodations. The aim of the training actions is to train the staff of the establishments in the hygienic-sanitary measures that allow to reduce the contagion by the Covid-19 and to guarantee to the clients a reopening in which safe conditions of reception and stay are offered.
The recipients of the training actions are the establishments of Rural Tourism of Galicia registered in the register of tourist activities of Galicia (REAT). There are 1000 free places available and the training schedule will be as follows:
– Webinar 1: Thursday 11th June, between 11 and 12:30
– Webinar 2: Friday 12th June, between 16 and 17:30
– Webinar 3: Thursday, June 18, 11-12:30
– Webinar 4: Friday 19th June, 16-17:30
– Webinar 5: Thursday June 25th, 11am-12:30pm
– Webinar 6: Friday 26th June, 16-17:30 pm
The campaign is possible by virtue of the agreement signed with the Galician Tourism Agency as part of the Galicia Safe Destination strategy. Registration can be done via email to or by sending a whatsapp to 631179252, in which case you will receive a call to complete the data by phone.
In addition to the basic training aimed at all staff related to rural tourism (managers, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, auxiliary staff), insofar as it trains them in the relative health and hygiene measures to reduce contagion by the COVID-19 and ensure customers a reopening in which safe conditions are offered for reception and stay, the campaign also includes a second level of management-oriented training for the implementation of the revised Cleaning and Hygiene Plan and safety measures in the workplace. Marketing needs will also be addressed in view of the reactivation of the activity of the establishments.
This training will have an online part to be held on 23 or 30 June, from 11 to 12:30, and will be accompanied by a personalised consultation service for implementation. Registration will be opened after the establishment participates in the basic training by invitation to the management mail provided.
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