Approval of the project “A Coruña, sustainable and digital”.

The Tourism Sector Conference gave the go-ahead to this 3 million euro Destination Tourism Sustainability Plan.


The project includes actions such as the implementation of an electric tourist bus or the creation of a virtual tourist office.


After obtaining the support of the Government of the Xunta de Galicia last week, the project with which the City Council of A Coruña competes to the ordinary call for 2022 of the programme of Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destination has achieved the final approval by the Sectorial Conference of Tourism in the meeting held this Tuesday with the participation, among others, of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the director of the Galicia Tourism Agency, Nava Castro.


A Coruña, sustainable and digital project foresees a total investment of 3 million euros which will be allocated to three areas of action: energy efficiency, digital transition and competitiveness. Specific actions are planned, such as the implementation of an electric tourist bus, which will allow to tour the city and its extensive coastline in an efficient and comfortable way; the creation of a virtual tourist office and the Coruña card to improve the service to visitors; and the development of Coruña SurfCity and other proposals to promote the city as a sustainable destination linked to the sea. The aim is to take advantage of all the natural, heritage, gastronomic and historical potential of A Coruña to establish the city as a benchmark for urban, sustainable and intelligent tourism.


The proposal promoted by the city council of A Coruña was approved along with 27 other projects from all over Spain that will total an investment of 61.4 million, of which 23 million will be provided by the Secretary of State for Tourism and the rest by the autonomous communities and the beneficiary local entities.