Demand analysis and objectives of PIGA completed in the Galician Council of Tourism

Tourism Galicia brought together key industry players represented in the Galician Council of tourism to account for the tourism balance by 2015 and to present the study follow-up actions taken under the Comprehensive Plan of Tourism of Galicia and compliance with some of his objectives.

In this regard, the Director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro presented addressed the situation and evolution of tourism demand, major tourist markets, occupancy, average stay, international tourism, the Camino de Santiago, and other important indicators of Galician tourism sector positively evaluate its evolution as the tourism demand in Galicia increased the number of passengers by 11%, leading our Community state growth and achieving a record high with nearly 4.58 million.
He also highlighted the positive trend in international tourism that achieved in the past year highs both passengers and pernoitas as weight in overall demand, surpassing the 1.27 million passengers and representing 27.8% of travelers total.

Another indicator analyzed in this report was the occupation that also was increased in our community last year getting the hotels more than 3 percentage points growth.
In the specific area of ​​the Camino de Santiago it was observed in 2015 pilgrims increased 10.3%, recording a total of 262,458. Likewise the airport and cruise traffic increased last year in Galicia, 7.5% and 6.5% respectively.

2016 objectives
Castro presented to Consello the plan of tourist inspection for this 2016 setting out its objectives, the program of assistance to fairs planned for this year includes participation in 9 national fairs and 21 international or world map placement of students of the Centre Hospitality Galicia, among other issues.
Moreover, members of the Galician Tourism Council discussed the progress of legislation on package travel the pilot project of the European Commission and reports on the declaration of tourist interest of the municipality of Portomarín and festivals of Xouba Rianxo , the Seafood of Barqueiro, Holy Week Betanzos, the Pantin Classic Pro, the traditional spring market and Santa Cruz and the dancers of Lamas.