Open the period to apply for a place in the Social Thermalism program of the Imserso

Balnearios de Galicia clarifies that this program, which offers 27 thousand places, is not affected by precautionary suspension of the program Imserso

The Association of Spas of Galicia clarifies that this type of establishments are not affected by the precautionary suspension of the program of the Imserso and remembers that in the Galician community there are more than 27,000 places at the disposal of the pensioners for the months of June to December.

The organism remembers that the Imserso created 30 years ago a differentiated program for the spas, the one of Social Thermalism 2019, that was renewed and was approved by the Council of Ministers in the month of December for the next two years.

A total of 17 Galician establishments participate in the program. One of them is in the province of A Coruña, three in Lugo, six in Ourense and seven in the province of Pontevedra. These are the spas: Carballo, Compostela, Lugo – Roman Baths, OCA Augas Santas Balneario & Golf Resort, Río Pambre, Arnoia Caldaria, Baños de Molgas, Carballiño, Laias, Lobios, Acuña, Dávila, Baños da Brea, Caldelas de Tui, Cuntis, Eurostars Isla de La Toja and Mondariz.

Registration period open
Pensioners over the age of 60 who wish to participate may submit their applications through the website of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso) or by calling 901 109 899. The stays are 12 days and 11 nights, although they may opt for a shorter duration of 10 days and 9 nights. The program offers basic thermal treatments, which include the medical examination and prescription of treatment by the health centre, its application and subsequent medical follow-up. Accommodation and maintenance are also provided on a full board basis and in double rooms for shared use. Entertainment activities will also be provided for this group. The level of satisfaction of users participating in this programme is very high, surpassing 90% of the positive evaluation in the surveys carried out each year.

For the allocation of places in the Imserso applies a scale in which the degree of need has priority, the economic situation and the age of applicants. Another aspect that is valued is that they are members of a large family and have not participated in the programme in the last two years.