A Coruña hosts the delivery of the 281 distinctions Q of Quality 2017

President Feijoo presided over the event and stressed that Galicia is the only community that has been running for 14 consecutive years adding quality Q certifications

The Palace of Congresses of A Coruña hosted the ceremony of delivery of the Q quality awards to 281 companies, a figure that improves the data of last year and that supposes that Galicia has triplicated its number of distinctions passing from the 104 in 2006 to the 281 and that is a sector that clearly bets on quality as a means of distinction. A distinction that, according to the president of the Xunta, said: “To obtain this, it is necessary to be self-critical, to have a vocation for improvement, to constantly improve and, above all, to pamper each one of the details that matter to the attention of visitors.
Noting the distribution of the Q by sectors, it stands out that the growth of the Community is based on an important specialization in the fields in which it is a leader: in the nautical-sports field, where more than 60% of the distinctions for facilities of this type they are in Galicia; in rural tourism, with almost half of establishments with Q of Quality; and in the thermalism, where the province of Ourense is the second largest thermal power in Europe. Likewise, Galicia is a leader in active tourism, which encompasses activities such as hiking or climbing, and in an emerging modality such as industrial tourism. The President of the Galician Government, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, also affirmed that the constant search for quality and excellence make Galicia the only autonomous community that has taken 14 consecutive years adding Q quality certifications.