Workshop in Baiona for the tourist sector of Pontevedra

Viajes Grupo Europa, in collaboration with hostelry of Pontevedra (FEPROHOS) and lodging of Pontevedra (ASEHOSPO) organize next Saturday, March 23, a workshop in the Parador of Baiona with which they want to promote a meeting point to establish synergies and future collaborations between the different companies attending related to the sector of the hostelry and tourism.

Around 80 tour operators from most of Catalonia and Madrid have already confirmed attendance at this meeting, promoted by the Provincial Council of Pontevedra with the aim of continuing to improve the marketing of tourism in the province of Pontevedra. Attendance and accreditation will be free of charge after registration, which must be done by covering this registration form and sending it to Feprohos. Places will be allocated in strict order of registration and preference will be given to hotel establishments associated with the promoters.

At the end of the work meeting, which will take place in the Parador de Baiona, from 19.30 h., will offer a Spanish wine and the possibility of enjoying a medieval dinner, which must be reviewed beforehand via email or telephone number 986.43.24.00.