Terras de Pontevedra will have an online sales platform combined travel and stays

Tourism Galicia and the Commonwealth signed an agreement to invest more than 100,000 euros in promoting this territory

With archaeological tourism as the main attraction of the area, Turismo de Galicia and the Mancomunidad Terras de Pontevedra have signed a collaboration agreement for joint promotion of tourism in this territory by the department of the regional government will provide 60,000 euros and the commonwealth the rest the amount up to an investment of 102,915 euros to be allocated to different target promotional activities.

The agreement, which will take place during 2016, will affect the municipalities of Pontevedra, Marin, Poio, Pontecaldelas, Vilaboa, Cotobade, Barro and Campo Lameiro. The actions to aim the revitalization and promotion of tourism in this area by improving access to tourism resources, the promotion of new products and improved marketing destination to get reach new market segments such as the family tourism.

Among the actions envisaged in the agreement include the development of a mobile augmented reality app and an audioguide for recuros rock art with which it counts the area. A larger, specialized presentations for travel agents on rock art press, which will also be the subject of a blog trip and an audiovisual report will be made. In addition, promotional material adapted to new technologies will be created.

In addition, it will launch a platform online sales combined travel and stays to improve marketing and integrated management of all existing services, making the provision of global supply tourist destination. This new tool will get more customers and concentrate on a single point supply and demand, managing them easily and in real time.