Although it is very complex to determine an occupation forecast for the whole of the Galician territory, what does seem clear is that the sector appreciates good prospects for the coming holidays, especially as regards urban destinations, so it can be expected that most of the travelers who choose Galicia to enjoy these days are from the internal market (Galicia) and nearby autonomous communities, especially those who extend the holiday until Monday, December 9, such as Castilla y León, Extremadura, Madrid, Asturias or Cantabria, and that, on many occasions, and by proximity, choose Galicia to make an escape at this time. In addition, the meteorological component will be decisive, with a stable weather forecast for Friday and Saturday.

By tourist destinations, we can point out that the association Hostelería de Compostela indicates an occupation of almost 50% for hotels and 40% for pensions on days off, while Vigo and A Coruña expect a much higher percentage, high, around 75% on these holidays, encouraged by shopping tourism. In the case of A Coruña, the forecast for the rest of the Christmas holidays is more moderate, with 40% occupancy expected so far, as pointed out from Hospeco, while in the case of Vigo expect to maintain occupancy figures around 75% for the month as a whole and 100% on Saturdays here at the end of the year, occupancy figures that even improved last year’s for the case of the olive-growing city. “The sector is very satisfied with the increases. In December 2017, before this phenomenon, we had 18%. In 2018, the first year of lights, 68%. This year we expect to exceed 75%, which, to be Galicia and December, is something extraordinary,” says the president of the Provincial Federation of Businessmen of the Hostelry of Pontevedra (Feprohos), Cesar Ballesteros. There is no doubt, then, that Vigo is the star escape in this bridge and in Galician Christmas in general.

And precisely from this attraction of Christmas lights in Vigo will also get pull nearby towns, which expect occupations very similar to those of last year, or even Ourense, which also expects good results thanks to this “light effect”. It is not in vain that a dozen travel agencies from Madrid, León or Coruña programme Christmas outings with a stop at the Burgas. These excursions will not affect the number of overnight stays, but they will affect the movement of travellers. Even so, there are also many travellers who opt for Ourense to then move around the province or travel to other points, attracted by thermalism or by the Ribeira Sacra, which allowed hotels in the city of Burgas to be at 80% of their capacity or even more, just like some of the spas in the province.

Also the rural houses of the province ourensana point out good numbers of face to this bridge, animated by the last minute reserves that locate the occupation around 50%, four points above the average percentage of occupation that had the houses of Galician rural tourism last year.

Traditionally the December bridge is a bridge that works well in the field of rural tourism houses, which last year were left with an occupancy rate of about 46% and that this year could be about 50% (49.82%, according to the portal, an occupation that is very far from those achieved by other Autonomous Communities, which marked at this time more than 80% occupation. This type of accommodation is chosen by travelers seeking tranquility, disconnection and proposals linked to nature and gastronomy and, in this regard, it should be remembered that is still underway the program of Tourism of Galicia, Gastronomic Outono, which combines accommodation, gastronomy and complementary activities.

Thursday December 5th, 2019

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Although it is very complex to determine an occupation forecast for the whole of the Galician territory, what does seem clear is that the sector appreciates […]
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