A high quality wifi connection is decisive in the choice of a hotel for 51% of respondents.

For some time now, it has been clear to professionals in the sector that the hotel is no longer just the establishment where the traveller comes to sleep. The expectations of the tourist are increasingly higher in terms of the amenities and services they expect from their accommodation, which is the next point to be resolved after having chosen a holiday destination.

According to a report prepared by Eurostars Hotels, based on a worldwide questionnaire among its users, which has been answered by more than 3000 clients, the factors that most value the traveller in the hotel is enjoying a good rest and feeling “at home” with the facilities that this entails; these include having a good mattress and pleasant bedding (32%), having a varied and good quality breakfast with fresh products and typical local foods of the area (30%), and having a good wifi connection (15%).

The traveller is increasingly taking into account factors added to the choice of hotel that go beyond the location and price, such as the services offered as complementary activities, the availability of restaurants and gastronomic proposals of value, or the level of sophistication of its fitness facilities.

The Eurostars Hotels report also states that customers value those services that fit their healthy lifestyle and allow them to develop sports routines, so 43% of respondents said they wanted to have running stations in the hotel, with bottles of water, fresh fruit and energy bars in the lobby.

In addition, 30% like to participate in directed sports activities such as yoga sessions or running tours, as well as having detox products available for breakfast. All of this, without forgetting leisure and gastronomy, since the majority of those surveyed rated positively having access to workshops and activities such as wine tasting (37%) or enjoying live music and other activities (33%).

High quality, decisive wifi connection
However, over and above leisure activities, a good reflection of the fact that we are in a society where connectivity and access to technology play a fundamental role in’making us feel at home’ is the fact that 51% of those surveyed said that high-speed Wifi connection is decisive in the choice of hotel. This figure is higher than the fact of having a reputable restaurant in the same hotel (26%) or fitness facilities in the venue (23%).

The study also shows that it is important for guests to have adapters for the charging and connection of their personal technological devices, even above and beyond having home automation elements in the rooms, such as light and temperature control, or the possibility of checking in online or the existence of self-service kiosks in the same hotel.

And although we travel, we do not want to do without certain luxuries that make us feel pampered and enrich our stay. The availability of top-brand toiletries in the bathroom is above and beyond the free, uninterrupted coffee and tea service in the lobby, a good restaurant or a large plasma TV and stereo.

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