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The calls, endowed with 1.5 and 1.2 million euros respectively, are open until the end of the year.

The Xunta de Galicia has launched two new calls for aid that will continue to improve the Galician tourism sector through the improvement of accommodation and catering establishments and the improvement of tourist infrastructure. Thus, the first of these lines of aid is aimed at financing with 1.5 million euros actions to improve tourist accommodation establishments and, as a novelty this year, also in catering establishments in Galicia that will distribute the amount of the budget at 50%: 750,000 euros for accommodation establishments (hotels, pensions, campsites, rural tourism establishments or hostels, among others …) and another 750,000 to catering establishments.

Among the actions that can be requested within this line of aid is the improvement of accessibility and removal of architectural barriers, improvements in facilities in order to obtain quality certifications, renovation and modernization of facilities or improvements in air conditioning. With this subsidy, whose application period ends on December 30th, continuity is given to the work that has been done in recent years supporting the modernization and updating of the sector and has contributed to finance more than 70 improvement actions in accommodation establishments for an amount of 1.2 million euros that allowed to mobilize more than 4 million.

Signposting, access and creation of new tourist resources
The second of the public lines of aid is aimed at municipalities and local entities that may opt, in competitive competition to aid to promote the recovery, accessibility and signaling of resources in rural areas to promote the diversification of tourism throughout the territory through the value of its historical, cultural, heritage and landscape wealth. With an initial investment of 1.2 million euros, it is the same line launched this year by which more than 120 municipalities were beneficiaries of this economic boost.

Promoted by the Department of Culture and Tourism, is aimed at municipalities, associations and local consortia with competence in tourism, as well as groups of municipalities. The aid will cover actions to beautify the accesses including the recovery and landscape treatment of the contour of tourist resources, ornamental lighting of tourist resources, whether first installation or improvement, extension or replacement of the existing one as well as actions that opt for the recovery and creation of landscape viewpoints, trails, routes or other elements of tourist interest or actions to beautify goods declared of cultural interest or with a declaration procedure already initiated. The latter may consist of embellishment of tracks, concealment of waste collectors or elimination of aerial wiring and communications antennas.

Accessibility and ethnographic resources
In the case of actions to enhance the tourist value of the resources, this may include actions to recover elements of ethnographic interest or traditional architecture, among others. In the field of improving the accessibility of tourist resources, the elimination of architectural barriers in the access to goods, resources and tourist routes will be covered, as well as actions aimed at facilitating the access of people with some type of sensory disability to the tourist information of the resources.

Finally, the signposting of tourist resources may include both the first installation and the replacement of the existing one on the roads and in the local, provincial and autonomous networks as well as the urban centres when this is deteriorated or obsolete in its contents and/or image.

With this line of aid, the Xunta contributes to promote the socioeconomic development of the Galician countryside through tourism. In this year’s call were more than 120 beneficiary municipalities with a balanced territorial impact and spread across the four provinces.

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The calls, endowed with 1.5 and 1.2 million euros respectively, are open until the end of the year. The Xunta de Galicia has launched two new […]
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