The report on tourism innovation prepared by ESADE in collaboration with Caixabank highlights the lack of commitment by Galician tourism to innovation and new technologies

Both the Esade Creapolis and Caixabank reports can be downloaded from the CTG website

Within the framework of the conference on innovation and challenges in the Galician tourism sector held at the City of Culture in Galicia, two reports were published, one on innovation in the tourism sector, prepared by Esade Creapolis, Esade’s hub for promoting innovative solutions with social and business impact, and the other analysing the national and Galician tourism sector, by Caixabank. Both can be downloaded in full from our download area on the website.

Both made an analysis of how the Galician tourism sector is, highlighting its specific weight as a sector in the territory as a whole and the very idiosyncrasy of Galician tourism. The Caixabank report highlighted the need for the Galician tourism sector to continue committing to quality tourism that helps it to differentiate itself. In the case of the Innovation report, among the main conclusions, it is worth mentioning that Galician SMEs and micro tourism companies represent 78% of the total Galician tourism offer, with a greater weight of non-innovative companies (68%).

The report highlights the lack of majority interest of the companies in the digital change, betting on the improvement and development of the product, management of the image of the establishment, and improvement of the channels before aspects such as virtual reality or collaborative economy, not considering a change of business model.

Among their concerns for the future are the high seasonality, the lack of business planning, and the value of the Galician brand, which is valued more by the public sector than by the private sector, which demands more public investment in the sector. Looking ahead, the change in consumer habits, cheaper prices, and environmental costs are of concern, although profitability is positive and is expected to improve over the next five years

The report finally highlights a series of proposals for action to improve the sector, among which the modernisation of SMEs in terms of infrastructure and equipment, but also in terms of product diversification, committing to new tourism products and the generation of complementary products in line with the sensitivity of new travellers, who are looking for a new experience and value the use of technology, connection with the local community, respect for the environment, personalisation and authenticity of experiences. In addition, the report recommends a commitment to associationism and to the joint planning and promotion of tourism products, adapting supply to demand and seeking niches where the promotion of these products is successful.

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The report on tourism innovation prepared by ESADE in collaboration with Caixabank highlights the lack of commitment by Galician tourism to innovation and new technologies Both […]
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