5% raises number of passengers who used the Galician airport in August

Vigo and A Coruña improve figures against Lavacolla, which fell by 2% to 276.776

August has also marked good figures for the whole of the Galician airports, an increase of 5% in the number of passengers that have passed over the month by one of the three Galician airports, 471,683 in total. Peinador has led the growth of Galician terminals, 102,230 passengers in August, representing an annual increase of 33%. More than 90,000 passengers made domestic routes, while nearly 12,000 were international. Regarding Alvedro growth was 3.4%, 92,000 passengers, of these, over 80,000 were domestic, according to data collected by AENA. The other side is that records Lavacolla, who despite scoring the highest number of passengers, 276,776, decreased by 2% over the same period last year.

In the year to date, the best results are again to the airport of Vigo, with 644,667 passengers, which means 37.5% more than that recorded between January and August 2015 was 1,697,950 travelers in Santiago (+ 10.5%) and A Coruña had 696,190 passengers (+ 2.6%). In all the three Galician terminals, Galicia had a total of 3,389,387, a figure that has been a 26.3% growth in the number of travelers in this period in the first eight months of the year.
According to the data, an increase is recorded in the three terminals in the number of operations. The highest figure has it Vigo, with 1,291 flights which translates into an increase of 39.9%. A Coruña, with 1,561 flights increased by 31.2% and Santiago 0.8% as a result of its 2,373 flights.