Ribeira Sacra will have 200,000 euros of public finananciación to promote it as a tourist destination indoor

Ribeira Sacra will have 200,000 euros of public finananciación to promote it as a tourist destination indoor

Thanks to an agreement signed between Galicia and Tourism Tourism Consortium Ribeira Sacra, 21 municipalities will benefit from the investment until 2017

In order to continue working on the consolidation of the Ribeira Sacra as a reference the Galician tourist destination indoor, Tourism Galicia and Tourism Consortium Ribeira Sacra have signed an agreement that will materialize in an investment of 200,000 euros in the 21 municipalities area: A Pobra do Brollón, Bóveda, Carballedo, Chantada, Monforte de Lemos, O Saviñao, Pantón, Paradela, Portomarín, Quiroga, Ribas de Sil, Sober, Taboada; y las entidades locales ourensanas de A Peroxa, A Teixeira, Castro Caldelas, Esgos, Montederramo, Nogueira de Ramuín, Parada de Sil and Xunqueira de Espadanedo.

New tourism products
The agreement, whose term runs until 2017, will allow work on improving the information carriers, increase promotion and increase tourism in the Ribeira Sacra. Thus, new information materials and tourist maps of the Ribeira Sacra will be designed and the available supply will increase by launching new products such as “Romanesque Routes”, consisting of organized visits to monasteries, churches and chapels, enabling access visitors to them and with the added value of specialized explanations of an official guide.

In addition, it will be held the “Party Ribeira Sacra” a game for schoolchildren awareness of the region; the “Passport to the clouds,” a loyalty rating action with draw hot air balloon rides to admire the landscapes of the Ribeira Sacra activity and programming of the “falling leaf” consisting of activities such as photography workshops or reviewed landscaped the area during the fall season in which to Ribeira Sacra has great beauty by the colors of its vegetation.

The agreement also will value the wine and viticulture in the region continuing with initiatives such as the Vinobus. Also, to recover degraded public spaces, outside urban art murals will increase. organizing a walking festival it will also be studied.