Proturga dedicates this year its forum to thermal tourism as a dynamizer of destinations

Proturga dedicates this year its forum to thermal tourism as a dynamizer of destinations

The fourth edition of this encounter will count on the participation of a dozen of professionals linked with the thermalism and its commercialization.

The thermalism as dynamizing axis of the internal tourism is the objective chosen this year by the Association of Professionals of the Tourism of Galicia, Proturga, for its annual forum in an event in which they want to focus in the putting in value of the tourism of interior destinations. In this sense, the professionals of the tourism remember that Galicia is first world-wide power in the mineiromedicinal supply, with more than 300 springs of water with different properties and 21 spas that surpass the 3000 hotel places.

The place chosen in this fourth edition of the Proturga Forum will be the Cuntis Spa, which will also be visited by participants in the day, and the day will be next March 29. The registration period is now open and can be done through the association’s own website.

The day will consist of a lecture-workshop focused on the properties of mineral-medicinal waters and thermal therapy techniques, in charge of Antonio Freire, director of Gala Termal and medical specialist in medical hydrology and hydrotherapy and of two round tables, which will approach thermal tourism as a revulsive of the interior destinations and their current situation, as well as the challenges of commercialization of this segment.

The forum will be completed with the presentation of the Proturga prize to one of the associates of the entity, for his task throughout the year, and with a visit to the Terra Termarum Foundation and to the thermal origin of the village of Cuntis.