Pontevedra hosts a conference focused on the internationalization of the Galician tourism sector


Pontevedra hosts a conference focused on the internationalization of the Galician tourism sector

The meeting is promoted by the Cluster Tourism of Galicia and the Deputation of Pontevedra

Cluster Tourism Galicia and Pontevedran Provincial Council again build bridges of cooperation to celebrate next Wednesday, December 19, a professional day aimed at the Galician tourism sector under the title “O reto da internacionalización para el sector turístico” which will take place at the headquarters of the Provincial Council in Pontevedra.

The initiative is framed inside the objectives of the Cluster Tourism of Galicia, as well as between those established in the Strategic Plan of Tourism of Pontevedra and in the own Strategy of Tourism of Galicia 2020, that establishes the internationalization like one of the challenges of future for the sector in Galicia. Thus the meeting will be developed with the following objectives:
1. To inform on strategies and actions of internationalization that can be useful for the Galician tourism sector, especially for the business sector. Special attention will be paid to the most innovative aspects and to the use of new technologies in internationalization strategies.
2. To be a networking tool and serve as a meeting point for the social entities of the Galician Tourism Cluster, and in general for professionals and agents of the Galician tourism sector.
3. Contribute to disseminate the activities developed by the Galician Tourism Cluster in terms of internationalization.

The programme of the day is structured around a single day tomorrow, which will be developed through presentations and round tables in which experts in the field of internationalization will participate, in order to offer keys and strategies for success in the challenge of marketing tourism internationally, addressing the difficulties involved in attracting tourism flows in foreign markets. Specifically, in this edition of the Cluster’s internationalisation conferences – the first of which took place in Vigo two years ago – it will focus on the German and Portuguese markets, with the participation of the tourism managers of the Berlin and Lisbon OETs, Arturo Ortiz Arduán and Natalia Briales Cristóbal.

In addition, other important aspects in the processes of international commercialization will be addressed, such as the use of new technologies and innovation as motors of change in the sector within an increasingly competitive and diverse market.

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