More than one hundred activities framed within the project “O teu Xacobeo” will take place this summer in Galicia

More than one hundred activities framed within the project “O teu Xacobeo” will take place this summer in Galicia

The activities proposed by municipalities, companies or individuals spread the values of the Way through art, music or social and cultural events.


Under the name of “O teu Xacobeo” more than 350 dynamisation initiatives linked to Xacobeo are held in Galicia as a prelude to the next Holy Year and which seeks to favour the participation and decentralisation of the next Xacobeo 21. More than one hundred of them will take place until the end of the summer in different parts of the Galician geography.


Overall, the proposals reflect a wide variety of audiences (general public, youth, children, groups that need visibility, etc.) and themes (social events, cultural, sporting or that enhance the wealth of heritage). One of the objectives of the program is to reach the largest number of Galician municipalities, with special attention to the smallest, and to take into account the different Paths, which cover more than 1,500 kilometers throughout our Community, especially in rural municipalities.


As for the activities of the town halls, in addition to the dramatised visits (such as Padrón, Valdoviño, A Pobra do Caramiñal or Boborás, among others), there are outdoor projections such as the one that will take place in Pobra do Brollón; applications of augmented reality, such as the proposal of the Town Hall of A Fonsagrada; international seminars such as that organised by Catoira; scientific dissemination in the Vega with its Trevinca project: the way of the stars, or walks for schoolchildren in Rosal and Lalín.


These activities will be combined with gastronomic proposals, days of coexistence between pilgrims and neighbors, sustainable actions or that reinforce the commitment of the Way with the safety of women who do it alone, a proposal promoted by the Council of Ribadeo.


As for the projects presented by Galician companies and public or private non-profit organizations, there are proposals for the youngest, such as the creation of the Pequegrino credentials, to promote the Portuguese Way as it passes through the town of Tui. Also the Pilgrimage, with the impulse of the French, Primitive, North and Winter Ways with an application to the Trivial style for the schoolchildren, or routes to horse or in skates for the zone of A Guarda.


In the audiovisual field, young people can participate this summer in the making of the video “Your own way”, while in the region of Ferrolterra, O teu Xacobeo calls a pilgrimage for thousands of schoolchildren in the area. Another of the projects for the younger public is the Portuguese Way for boys and girls with professionals from different fields (painters, photographers, etc.) with whom the youngest will work the Way.


Activities aimed at different groups


In terms of the inclusion of all the groups that form part of Galician society, O teu Xacobeo finances proposals such as that of the Menela Foundation, which organises seven stages of the Coastal Trail that twenty adults will enjoy with TEA, while the Bata Association does the same but from A Fonsagrada, O Cebreiro and Tui, with the help of the application Applicae en el Camino, to help people with autism spectrum. Down Lugo also promotes experiences on the Camino this summer.


The musical programme of O teu Xacobeo includes the Festivaliño on the road, a caravan with activities for children that travels for 40 days through different Galician towns or the Barbera Fest in Baiona, with the impulse of the music made in Galicia. For its part, the Fisterra Film Festival, at the Semáforo de Fisterra, will feature artists representing the French, Portuguese and Silver Roads. Marc Coppey’s cello in Músicas en el Camino is also part of the summer programme or Efecto Campanada, which takes place in Guitiriz, Fisterra, Muxía, Chantada and Laza.


O teu Xacobeo also tells of many actions linked to the theatre. From the theatrical visits promoted by the town councils to representations such as those of La Barraca Camino a Compostela de Títeres Cachirulo, which stops in 14 towns along the French Way until it reaches Compostela, telling the adventures of the best known characters and the most salient pilgrims.


In the sports field the Xunta will impulate the Atlantic Coast MTB tour that will depart from Bueu and will run through the whole province of Pontevedra, in addition to a test car sport around the Xacobeo and the European Youth Championship 420 and 470.

Spirituality is also a theme of this programme, with meetings for reflection. This is the case of actions such as “We don’t just walk, we enjoy” or the one that will take place on the Island of San Simón, “Camino hacia isla interior”, centred on the Camino as an experience for introspection, with activities to enhance the heritage of that area.




The enogastronomic heritage of the Way concentrates such outstanding actions as the Compostelata project, promoted by Anfaco- Cecopesca, in which the walkers will stamp an accreditation in different localities of the French Way where they will taste Galician canned products. Gastronomy is also the basis for the project that aims to promote the Atlantic diet linked to the xacobean itineraries (Coastal Route).