Galicia tourist trains close August with an occupancy rate of 80%

Although the Galicia Tourist Train continues running until October, the results throughout the summer season are very positive, closing August with an average occupancy of 80%. More demands routes throughout the months of June and August are the routes of the lights, with 99.7% occupancy, the Route of the wines of the Ribeira Sacra, with 97.04%, and Pazos and historic gardens, with 88, 46%. In addition, they are circulating routes weekend, such as the headlights Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras-mark very good results.

Until the end of this month tickets sold in the program this year in the whole of the initiative have been 2,032, 50 more than in 2015. And even detract two months of operation the program, which is expected that these figures will improve. During this time they continue running routes with nine counts Galicia, every train, including the train Thermal and the Northern Way, which began circulating this year for the first time.

The Thermal Route and the Northern Route to Santiago circulate between A Coruña and Lugo 1 and October 22 and show the Galician spa options, such as spa Guitiriz, the Northern Way, declared a World Heritage Site in 2015, and the city of Lugo.

Lamprey and Condado do Tea Wine Trail had departure from Santiago de Compostela on July 2, and will run on September 17. This train contribution to visitors to the banks of the River Minho, presenting an ethnographic heritage focused on lamprey. Each of the nine routes can be done in one day and, in addition to the train ride, offering bus travel back and forth between the railway station and the tourist to visit resource, along with activities such as routes catamaran and access guided tours and specialized gardens, wineries and museums. Thus, the initiative to discover different areas of Galicia in a unique way.

The supply of this program was supplemented, for another year, with the train pilgrim, the train spas and Galicia Rail Pass program, through which you can, respectively, to experience the Camino de Santiago, enjoy Hydrotherapy Galician or travel by train throughout Galicia to meet its many resources.