The Galician Wine Routes launch a campaign to promote their offer through tourist offices

The Galician Wine Routes launch a campaign to promote their offer through tourist offices

The aim is to highlight the wide range of experiences on offer on the five wine tourism routes and to encourage visitors to book them.


Enoturismo Galicia (Galicia Wine Tourism), the umbrella brand under which the entire wine tourism offer of Galicia is grouped, presented today at the International Pilgrim Welcome Centre in Santiago de Compostela its new promotional action, which aims to publicise its offer through the distribution of postcards in tourist offices.


The presentation was attended by the director of Galicia Tourism, Nava Castro; the vice-president of the Galician Tourism Cluster, Jesús Picallo; and the president of the Rías Baixas Wine Route, Juan Gil de Araujo, who spoke on behalf of Galicia Wine Tourism. The president of the O Ribeiro Wine Route, Juan Casares, and the president of the Ribeira Sacra Wine Route, José Manuel Rodríguez, were also present.


Jesús Picallo congratulated this initiative and highlighted that the landscape and heritage reflected in the postcards “give meaning to the five wine routes of Galicia that, in an unquestionable success, bet on the collaboration to develop and promote themselves through the common brand Enoturismo Galicia”.


The vice-president of the Cluster added that the work of the wine routes is “essential for objectives that not only have to do with tourism, but also with the territory and the economic development of the rural areas of Galicia”.


The action presented today consists of promoting the wine tourism offer of the five routes in tourist offices throughout Galicia, with the aim of raising awareness of wine tourism and promoting the booking of experiences. More than 100 promotional materials have been sent to as many tourist offices in Galicia, including desktop displays and personalised postcards with landscapes of the wine tourism routes. The aim is that these materials are placed within reach of the people who visit these points, so that they can take postcards of the routes and take them as souvenirs and even send them by post.


Wine landscapes, heritage, nature and all the tangible and intangible heritage that surrounds wine culture are the main protagonists of this promotional campaign, which is committed to highlighting the value of wine tourism among the people who visit our region every year.


Enoturismo Galicia Brand

Promoted by the five wine routes in collaboration with the Galicia Tourism Cluster and Galicia Tourism, Enoturismo Galicia is an umbrella brand that brings together the wine tourism offer of the five Galician wine routes: Rías Baixas, O Ribeiro, Valdeorras, Ribeira Sacra and Monterrei. The aim is to develop a common strategy for the Wine Routes that will allow the wine heritage of the territory to be made known jointly, promoting wine tourism and oenogastronomy, especially abroad, and to generate synergies between the five routes to create an innovative and attractive offer.