Galician beaches accumulate 114 blue flags

  • Galicia is the third most awarded community, behind Valencia (138) and Andalusia (130).
  • The Environmental and Consumer Education Association also stands out with 11 ports and 15 nature centers and classrooms.

In 2024, Galicia will display a total of 189 badges in recognition of the quality and excellence of its beaches, port areas, visitor facilities and pedestrian trails, surpassing Andalusia for the first time. The Galician community, with 114 beaches in 35 municipalities awarded the blue flag, stands out for almost a fifth of all the flags awarded in Spain.


Likewise, Adeac has also recognized the work of the so-called blue centers, including nature classrooms, visitor reception centers and similar facilities dedicated to environmental education. Of the 87 winners throughout the country, 15 are in Galicia.


By province, Pontevedra has the largest number of blue flags in Galicia, with 60 beaches and six port facilities. In A Coruña, 38 flags and four ports were awarded, while in Lugo, 16 beaches and a marina were recognized.


Sanxenxo, with 17 award-winning beaches, maintains its position as the Spanish municipality with the most recognized sandy beaches. Vigo stands out with 12 blue flag beaches.


In relation to the blue trails, Galicia once again stands out as a leader with 49 award-winning itineraries, 14 more than in the previous edition.


In summary, adding beaches, ports, visitor centers and trails distinguished this year by Adeac, Galicia accumulates 189 blue badges, surpassing Andalusia and positioning itself as the second Spanish community with the most blue badges in all categories.