The measures that are applied from today in Galicia include specific conditions for tourism

The measures that are applied from today in Galicia include specific conditions for tourism

Guided groups cannot exceed five people. Free time activities, tourist recreational centers, congresses, meetings, business meetings, conferences, events and similar events must reduce the capacity to 50 percent


The Galician government published the ORDER that comes into force as of today (10/22/2020) establishing specific prevention measures as a consequence of the evolution of the epidemiological situation derived from COVID-19 in the region.

Exceptions to the limitation of social groups to five people.- The order limits social gatherings to five people, but indicates that this limitation will not be applicable for work, business, professional and administrative activities, University, educational, training and occupational activities, as well as the practice of federated sports.

Events between October 22 and 25 arranged prior to the order.- In the case of celebrations and events in catering establishments for October 22 to 25 that were arranged prior to October 21, The specific prevention measures provided for in this order will not be applicable, provided that said measures or other more restrictive measures were not being applied previously, although the owners of the establishments must notify them to the Territorial Headquarters of the Department of Health, so that the appropriate measures or recommendations can be adopted.

Capacity limitations.- Hotel and restaurant establishments may not exceed 50 percent of their capacity for consumption inside the premises. Nor may this capacity be exceeded in the common places of hotels, tourist accommodation and hostels. Consumption at the bar counter is prohibited. On the outdoor terraces the capacity is limited to 75 percent. The maximum occupancy of the tables will be five people.

Hours.- The hotel and restaurant establishments must close no later than one in the morning, and access to customers cannot be allowed after midnight.

Specificities for certain tourist activities:

  • Tourism activities can be carried out, organized by companies authorized to do so, and the activity of a tour guide, for groups of up to a maximum of five people, whether or not they are living together.
  • Free time activities for children and young people can be carried out when they are carried out outdoors, provided that the number of participants is limited to fifty percent of their usual maximum attendance, with a maximum of 100 participants, including monitors . For activities in enclosed spaces, you cannot exceed 50 percent of the maximum capacity of the venue, with a maximum of 50 participants, including monitors.
  • Tourist recreational centers or similar can carry out their activity as long as their total capacity is limited to 50 percent. Group visits will be of a maximum of five people, whether or not they are living together, and including the monitor or guide.
  • Congresses, meetings, business meetings, conferences and similar events and acts promoted by any entity, of a public or private nature, can be held, provided that 50 percent of the allowed capacity of the venue is not exceeded, with a maximum limit of 60 people for closed places, and 150 people for outdoor activities.