The Xunta opens the call for grants from the O teu Xacobeo programme

The Xunta opens the call for grants from the O teu Xacobeo programme

The Consellería de Cultura y Turismo publishes today in the Diario Oficial de Galicia the call for grants to new projects of dynamization of Xacobeo 2021 within the program O teu Xacobeo.

The objective is to turn Xacobeo 21 into the most participative so far, promoting transparency and equal opportunities. Thus, for the first time, any citizen or entity, both public and private, will be able to present their proposals to be carried out in the run-up to the next Holy Year.

With an investment of 2 million euros, O teu Xacobeo will grant, on a competitive basis, subsidies to new dynamisation projects throughout 2019 and until April 2020. Through this initiative, the Galician Government seeks to involve and encourage the participation of all agents of society to design together a socio-cultural program that anticipates the celebration of Xacobeo 21 and its impact.

In this way, its content will be jointly defined from a multidisciplinary and plural perspective, promoting at the same time the sustainable development of the territory. Three different types of applicants will be eligible for this financial aid: local entities (Galician town councils, associations of town councils, local consortiums and provincial councils), private entities (natural or legal persons constituted in commercial or civil form and communities of goods that are included in the definition of small and medium-sized enterprises) and public or private non-profit entities.

In the case of public entities, a line of 875,000 euros will be opened, thanks to which municipalities of less than 3,000 inhabitants will receive up to 10,000 euros per project; those of 3,000 to 10,000 inhabitants, a maximum of 15,000 euros per project; those of 10,000 to 50,000 inhabitants, up to 25,000 euros per project; and those of more than 50,000 inhabitants a maximum of 50,000 euros. For private entities, an additional 825,000 euros will be available, covering a maximum of 60% up to 25,000 euros. Finally, for non-profit entities, 300,000 euros will be allocated, with aid for 90% of the project presented and up to 20,000 euros.

Eligible areas
O teu Xacobeo covers a total of five eligible areas: artistic field, heritage-history-thought-spirituality, gastronomy, sports field and social field.

The artistic field comprises a whole series of disciplines such as visual arts, architecture, design, digital culture, crafts, fashion, cinema and documentary, all types of music, performing arts (theatre, dance, new circus, etc.), literature and books. In the field of heritage, history, thought and spirituality, there will be forums for reflection, meetings, publications, studies, conferences, training sessions, exchange programmes with experts of other nationalities, educational talks in schools, etc.

As far as the gastronomic area is concerned, experiences and activities of high added value are included, which contribute to making known and enjoying the enogastronomic heritage of Galicia by bringing part of the traditions, trades, culture, history and territorial identity to visitors and locals. Also the promotion of products with denomination of origin or geographical indications (for example: tastings, talks, workshops, training and exchange activities, publications, fairs and others).

In the field of sport, events of any sporting discipline are planned, with special attention to non-professional activities and for all audiences. These include directed and outdoor activities such as organised walks or routes, group classes and also disciplines related to well-being, the promotion of active life and the respectful enjoyment of nature. Finally, the social sphere includes voluntary, social and/or educational programmes that encourage inclusion and participation.

In the distribution of grants, the projects presented will be assessed as main criteria the relevance, quality of content and activities, communication and dissemination, feasibility and sustainability. Thus, it will be evaluated if it conforms to the objectives and priorities of the Xacobeo 2021 strategy specified in the guidelines approved both by the Jacobeo Council at national level and by the Organizing Commission of Xacobeo 21 in Galicia. It will also take into account how they are implemented in practice or to what extent they contribute to the dissemination of the values and objectives associated with the Holy Year.

The presentation of the applications will be made preferably by electronic means through the standard form available in the electronic headquarters of the Xunta de Galicia. The deadline is 15 February.

Participation and sustainability
O teu Xacobeo is part of a whole series of measures with which the regional government is laying the foundations for the next Holy Year and which have, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a total investment of 30 million euros.

Xacobeo 21, conceived as an event that goes beyond a specific year, extends its scope and footprint to both previous and subsequent years, turning this celebration into a driving force for the development and dynamisation of Galicia. In order to achieve this, it has five fundamental pillars: planning, participation of the whole society, its global character, international projection and sustainability.