The second edition of Turislab already has winners

The vice-president of the Cluster, Jesús Picallo, participated in the awards ceremony of the Galician Accelerator of Tourism Projects of the Xunta.


The second edition of Turislab, the Galician Accelerator of Tourism Projects launched by the Xunta with the collaboration of professionals and companies in the sector, in addition to the Galicia Tourism Cluster, has come to an end this Friday with the awards ceremony for the best startups.


Boldest, an interactive map platform to improve the promotion of a tourism project, won the first prize. Wonder Experience, a gamified tourism experience platform, received the second prize. And Spa’Relajarse, a search engine specialising in wellness, completed the podium with the third prize. In addition, the promoter of technology to promote active tourism, TricTrack, received a special mention for its evolution as an entrepreneur.


The Cluster was represented in this final act held in the GaiásTech by the vice-president of the entity, Jesús Picallo, who was in charge of presenting the award to Spa’Relajarse. In his speech, Jesús Picallo highlighted the good reception of the second edition of Turislab, going from 83 aspiring projects in 2021 to 117 this year, although in the end only a few have been able to overcome the different phases of the Accelerator until Friday’s session, in which 8 projects aspired to the final awards.


The Cluster’s vice-president stressed that “innovation provides new approaches and solutions to the existing reality and entrepreneurship, the impetus to tackle a new business. Both are the basis for the creation of new companies, jobs and the engine of economic growth”. For this reason, he described this successful second edition of the Accelerator as very good news for the tourism sector and pointed out that the Cluster is also committed to promoting talent as an investment in the future. “Support for entrepreneurship and the promotion of tractor initiatives are among the main strategic objectives of tourism in Galicia, included in the Master Plan “Galicia Safe Destination 2021-2023”, she said before concluding by highlighting the importance of public-private collaboration.


The director of the Galicia Tourism Agency, Nava Castro, also stressed the importance of tourism for Galicia, pointing out that year after year it is consolidated as a benchmark for economic growth and the commitment to new technologies. She stressed that Turislab was born with the aim of strengthening innovation in the Galician tourism sector to become a network of innovative and high-impact resources specialising in sustainable and quality tourism.