The Lecer de Galicia Calidade platform incorporates 12 new tourist establishments

The Lecer de Galicia Calidade platform incorporates 12 new tourist establishments

The brand Galicia Calidade, which is part of the Department of Economy for Employment and Industry, has just added 12 new tourist establishments within the Lecer brand, which brings together leisure, catering and hospitality establishments with certified quality. Thanks to this extension, the guarantee brand currently has a total of 38 hotels, restaurants, rural houses and certified marinas.

For the manager of Galicia Calidade, Alfonso Cabaleiro, the road that Lecer now traces responds “to the need to promote quality as an element that makes a difference to other tourist destinations.” To achieve this it was necessary to open the range of the type of leisure offer to all the players that make up the Galician tourist package. For Alfonso Cabaleiro, “the most important change to what we have to respond is what has taken the tourist, the traveler, the individual, the center of the entire tourism process, to be the protagonist of the travel cycle.”

Lecer seeks to target new tourists who, thanks to social networks and the hyper-connectivity that new technologies allow, have become great opinion leaders who, through concentric circles of trust, place or expel a product from the market.

The image of the Lecer brand and its own name are related to a specific tourism product, the so-called tourism experience in hotels, restaurants and certified rural homes, that is tourism for a positive and pleasant experience that manages to become a Indelible memory

The certified establishments are:


Hotel Bosque Mar
Hotel Louxo La Toja
Hotel Ego
Hotel Spa Nanín Playa
Hotel Rotilio
Hotel Blue Coruña
Hotel Pazo De Altamira
Hotel Campomar
Hotel Augusta Spa Resort
Hotel Monumento Pazo Do Río
Pazo Almuzara

Rural Houses

Casa De Cacheiro

Casa Brandariz


Mesón A Cepa
Restaurante Nito
Restaurante A Mirandilla
Restaurante A Taberna
Restaurante O Barazal
Restaurante A Carballeira
Bar Berberecho Restaurante Carmen
Eirado Da Leña
Restaurante España
Restaurante Yayo Daporta
Restaurante La Postreria
Cantina Río Covés
O Curro Da Parra
Restaurante El Coto
Restaurante Coral
Restaurante Finisterrae A Torre
Restaurante Finisterrae Acuario
Restaurante O Grelo
Bodeguilla De San Lázaro
Bodeguilla De Santa Marta
Restaurante El Refugio
Asador Vacavella
Restaurante Chicolino
Bar Tamarindo
Restaurante Bido


Puerto Deportivo Xoán Carlos I