The Spanish Tourism Board calls for a PERTE for the sector

This was demanded by its president, Juan Molas, in the presence of the Minister of Tourism, during the last general assembly of the association.


The General Assembly of the Spanish Tourism Board, held this week with the participation of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has served to take stock of the sector and outline its future prospects and needs. In this sense, Juan Molas, president of this association, which brings together representatives of some twenty tourism subsectors, reiterated the request to the government for a PERTE (Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation) for tourism to alleviate the losses accumulated by companies in the sector after the pandemic and to help alleviate the consequences of the increase in costs.


“The profit and loss accounts of businesses – particularly in the hotel, catering and also transport sectors – are dealing with a 25-27% increase in costs that they cannot pass on to prices at the very moment when they are most dependent on encouraging demand,” explained Juan Molas in his speech.


The president of the Spanish Tourism Board also pointed out that inflation and its consequences on tourism demand is one of the main concerns of the tourism sector for the coming year and also called on the government for transparency in the management and amount of the new Next Generation funds, a solution to the problem of passenger queues at airport checkpoints, and an end to the compulsory use of face masks on air travel and public transport.