The IV edition of Enbhiga will bring the province of Ourense as an enogastronomic destination closer to the rest of the world.


The IV edition of Enbhiga will bring the province of Ourense as an enogastronomic destination closer to the rest of the world.

The Bioceanic-Hispanic meeting that was born four years ago in Argentina – Enbhiga– arrives for the first time in Europe and will gather in Ourense cooks, tour operators and specialized media from all over the world, who will know first hand the tourist attractions of the different regions of the province, with special attention to enogastronomy.

The initiative comes from the collective “Cociña Ourense“, an association of renowned chefs who develop their work in the province in order to promote their gastronomic culture and promote cultural exchange, and has the support of the County Council of Ourense and Inorde.

Manuel Baltar, president of the County Council, said in the presentation of this edition that it is “one of the most important events to be held in our territory in 2019, from the point of view of tourism, gastronomy and promotion of our province. He also wanted to highlight the role of “Cociña Ourense” and point out that “from the County Council we have supported this initiative from the first second.

Miguel Gonzalez, president of “Cociña Ourense”, explained that Enbhiga is a meeting open to the participation of all producers, entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who want to join this initiative. An event that was born in Argentina as a meeting place for gastronomic tourism professionals from both shores of the continent and that, after three successful editions, has demonstrated the enormous potential it has as a dynamic tool of the sector.

This fourth edition, to be held from 14 to 19 October in Ourense, will expand its audience and bring together more professionals from Europe and America. In fact, it is estimated to receive more than seventy chefs, journalists and tour operators from around fifteen countries.

The Enbhiga caravan will visit regions such as Valdeorras, Terra de Trives, Limia and Ribeira Sacra, and although it focuses on enogastronomy, the participants will be shown the monumental, scenic, thermal, cultural and leisure wealth of the province.

On 17 October the activities will be transferred to the provincial capital where “the cooks will be in the establishments of the wine area to work hand in hand with our restaurateurs and can exchange views,” explained Miguel Gonzalez. On the same day there will be a fair with stands for producers and artisans, as well as showcookings every half hour so that the people of Ourense can see what is being done in other countries.

There will be a day for a thermal and spa route, as well as a visit to the Vilamarín Catering School. Nor is it an opportunity for participants to do a stretch of the Camino de Santiago in the area of A Gudiña.

The president of “Cociña Ourense” affirmed that they will continue working in these dates “to define together with other municipalities interested in the project, a diversified calendar of activities that allows to add to the program new territories and proposals”.

Undoubtedly, Enbhiga will be an opportunity to bring the province of Ourense closer to the rest of the world.