La Cehat joins forces with Hostelería de España in its bid for its own label for accommodation under the Alojamiento Seguro brand

The Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation and Hospitality of Spain have joined forces to guarantee health safety through an agreement that will lead to the creation of the Safe Accommodation seal. The CEHAT thus joins the project initiated by Hostelería de España with its commitment to the creation of the Safe Hostelería brand, which has given rise to the development of the Safe Restaurant and Safe Bar labels. With the incorporation of Cehat to this project, there will be four brands that, depending on the type of premises, will prove the implementation of measures against the coronavirus: Safe Accommodation, Safe Hospitality, Safe Restaurant and Safe Bar.

“The aim of this project is to create a comprehensive system for the preparation of accommodation, bars and restaurants that will prove that the establishments have undergone comprehensive training in the protocols of the Ministry of Health against Covid-19.

Completing a training process is one of the requirements for premises, whether they are accommodation or hotel establishments, to obtain the health guarantee stamp. Businesses must certify, by means of a responsible statement, that they know and are committed to complying with the guidelines set out in the protocols that have been coordinated by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE) and approved by the Ministry of Health.

The establishments that obtain any of the stamps will have the possibility of accessing a digital platform in which the regulations will be periodically updated and they will obtain posters and signaling systems, as well as a manual that will include the guidelines to be complied with by employees and customers. In addition, this initiative includes:

  • A training course for company managers and workers
  • A manual of measures for the company and employees
  • A ‘Safe Hospitality’ label that certifies that the company has received the necessary training to adapt to the legislation that allows its opening during the Covid-19 crisis
  • A list of checks on the company and the worker
  • Signs and signals for the work areas, clients and common areas; access to the platform and updating of regulations concerning COVID-19.

The application and procedures to access this ‘Integral System for the preparation of establishments’ must be managed through the website