CEHAT encourages tourism establishments to donate food to NGOs and other groups before the closure due to the health crisis

Hotel management organizations are already working with their partners to deliver products that would otherwise have to be disposed of after the imminent closure of the accommodation facilities

The Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) has encouraged the country’s accommodation establishments to organise donations of perishable food in perfect conditions and other products for health use (masks, gloves and hydro-alcoholic gels) to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other social groups in need, once the orderly closure of tourist facilities has taken place, caused by this global health crisis of the COVID-19.

Thus, there are already several regional, provincial and local associations throughout the country that have set to work to contact different social and non-profit organizations, with which they usually have a closer relationship, and to organize donations of food such as meat, fish, vegetables or fruit, among others, that would otherwise have to be discarded. In the same way, we are also organizing the donation of prevention products (masks, gels and gloves among others) so that they can be used in the sanitary facilities of our country.

This initiative, which is currently being carried out in a more global manner in several places in the country by the tourist sector, is common in some seasonal destinations where the accommodation establishments are not open all year round.