Impulse to health tourism in Cortegada and Baiona

Tourism will allocate 50,000 euros to condition the old resort of Cortegada and Baiona takes steps to build the first public talaso of Galicia

Turismo de Galicia will contribute a total amount of 50,000 euros to prepare and signalize the old seaside resort of the town of Cortegada, an action that the director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, hopes to be a “new incentive” to the thermal tourism of the Province, contributing to the valorization of an infrastructure that has been defined as “a key in the thermal history of our community, which for years led to the fame of this municipality becoming known as the Cortegada de Baños” and underlined the “mining-medicinal tradition of These waters, “already documented in the fifteenth century.

The conditioning works include the signage of the Coto da Pena viewpoint and Balneario de Cortegada, which represents an “enormous potential” for the promotion of this area as a thermal destination, as well as contributing to Galicia as a “leading destination in Europe” and also Thermal destination promoting the economic development of the region. This type of initiatives are part of the 2014-2020 Thermal Tourism Plan, which aims to “turn thermalism into a flag of its own as a quality tourism option that combines leisure and health” and “to structure the supply, resources and services “As a future bet.

Spa in old cetaria of Baiona

Baiona plans to build the first public saltwater spa in Galicia with seaweed treatment in one of its ancient cetarias, an action that intends to take a step further in the development of the area. In this same place, Through the Poseidon I plan were carried out works of sanitation and adaptation of the raft and access to the area of ​​solarium in pine wood, which allowed the public to make use of the benefits of sea water. In this second phase is sought to give a topical use to algae. In the opinion of the councilor of Baiona, if the project is finally validated, work would be accelerated to the maximum extent possible so that they could be completed in the spring of 2018.