Hostelería Compostela and the USC promote a campaign for responsible leisure

Hostelería Compostela and the USC promote a campaign for responsible leisure

Through the hashtag #NONalies we intend to raise awareness that exemplary compliance with health recommendations should also be shown outside of university spaces

In order to make the university population of Compostela aware of the importance of following the guidelines of social distancing and hand hygiene established by the coronavirus pandemic, the USC and the Compostela Hotel Association have joined forces in a campaign to make students aware of the need to develop responsible leisure, which can be guaranteed in hotel and catering establishments.

The campaign will be carried out through social networks, where a series of videos will be broadcast, among other informative material, aimed at promoting compliance with the rules issued by the health authorities, as highlighted by both the director of the Rector’s Office, Carlos Toural Bran and Sara Santos, president of the Compostela Catering Association, who stressed that catering establishments are safe spaces, where a series of hygiene and control measures must be complied with.

Volunteers to raise awareness

The USC already has about 250 students and student volunteers who throughout the course will develop awareness among their peers to promote healthy habits and behaviors, as well as individual responsibility, focusing on behaviors such as keeping the mask all the time, except at the time of consumption, keeping the mouth covered the rest of the time.