Big concern in AGAVI for the road transport strike in Galicia

Growing discomfort in the sector and especially in the travel agencies of Galicia who consider that they will be greatly affected if the strike continues

 With great concern the Galician travel agencies are facing the beginning of this week in which they announce the transformation of the road transport strike into an indefinite one, since they are possibly the sector most harmed by this conflict. “We are talking about wholesale and retail agencies and receptive agencies, all of which are already seeing the consequences of this strike, which will cause serious damages not only economic but also image for the Galician tourism sector,” explains Juan Antonio Ribadulla, President of the Galician Association of Axces de Viaxes (AGAVI).

In this sense, AGAVI stresses that the consequences of this conflict, which affects road transport companies, are being paid by tourism and by travelers who arrive in Galicia or who wish to move around our territory. “Without entering into the reasons for the conflict or why we have arrived where we are, it is imperative that the administration make an effort and exhaust the channels of dialogue to avoid the serious consequences that would have the prolongation of this situation in the tourism sector.”

Day trips, trips of all kinds of groups, who choose these dates for their excursions, both by Galicia and departing from here to other territories; The displacements of the cruisers; Those of foreign tourists who want to get out or reach airports or train stations … all of them are affected by this strike that affects a large number of companies and professionals in the sector as well as the travelers themselves. “We can not forget that tourism is still a very seasonal sector in our country and the forecasts for this summer are excellent, with a large number of reservations for this month of July and August that would be affected by continuing the conflict,” explains Ribadulla .

AGAVI thus joins the calls of other entities and groups to request an effort on the part of all the agents involved to reach an agreement and to avoid the indefinite strike, as well as more information and compliance of the minimum services, to try to minimize among the Travelers and companies in the tourism sector the consequences of a strike “which has nothing to do with us but which we are being the main affected,” he says.