Galicia is emerging as an ideal destination for emerging new flows of travelers looking for authenticity and unique experiences


Galicia is emerging as an ideal destination for emerging new flows of travelers looking for authenticity and unique experiences

National and international experts who gathered at the conference “Objective 5 million,” promoted by the Cluster Turismo Galiicia a highlighted were given that Galicia has everything to consolidate its tourism growth

The search for authenticity and unique and novel experiences along with the profound changes that technology has introduced both in the management of tourist destinations and incentive travel business and have focused much of the Second Meeting cluster Tourism Galicia, now held in the Auditorium Mar de Vigo in which they have gathered a wide representation of Galician tourism sector to meet and improve the uptake of new flows of visitors to Galicia, which combines everything new travelers demand a destination, as stressed by the speakers.

Similarly, the need to work together, industry and government together in the promotion and consolidation of destination Galicia taking advantage of the current positive growth trend was also highlighted. The # Jornada5M took its first part with assistance from experts Mady Keup and Raul Garcia, who addressed the need to implement new technologies to improve the experiences of the traveler, the industry must strive to know better to offer a personalized experience authentic. “Small destinations must outline an alternative discourse, their own history and must use the new channels to make it known,” said Mady Keup, who stressed the need for the sector to assimilate the collaborative economy is here to stay and to be heard the sector to achieve the fit of both models.

Raul Garcia CEO at  meanwhile addressed the substantial changes experienced by the MICE sector, with growing professionalism in the organization of incentive trips and the emergence of large OPCs to assume the management of association meetings. Garcia offered a series of tips to improve the process of organizing this type of tourism, increase the uptake of new market segments and improve customer satisfaction, seeking more informal creative elements, novel destinations and meetings that are provide differential experiences.

New market segments and internationalization of supply
The British, German and US markets focused first of the roundtables of the day, which included the participation of those responsible for the Tourist Offices of Spain in London, Frankfurt and Chicago. Ignacio del Valle, deputy director of the OTS London, highlighted the great potential of Galicia as an emerging destination for the English market, which primarily looking for rest, nature and marine tourism. “Everything you look for the segment of upper-class English tourist is offered by Galicia, which also has good connectivity and good value / price,” he said.

This market segment is also the one that captures Galicia in the German market, which remains mostly sunny beach. However, since the OTS Frankfurt, Julio Lopez stressed the importance of Tourism of Spain in increasing the flow of other German tourist, greater purchasing power, which is interested in the tourist offer of northern Spain. “It is necessary to enhance the knowledge of Destiny Galicia, highlighting nature, culture and health, which are elements that are looking for the market segments we want to capture,” said Lopez. Finally Carola Sara, director of OTS Chicago also highlighted the great potential of destiny Galicia as an alternative to the usual routes already know the US tourist option, since our territory offers everything they are looking for, but lack follow working on placing Galicia in the imagination of the tourist, who mainly has reference Galicia Camino de Santiago.

New technological tools
Under the heading “Objective 5 million: Challenges and opportunities of marketing and technology Destino Galicia”, the day ends this afternoon with the participation of Director of Business Development and New Technologies Segittur, Enrique Lancis and a round table which will be addressed in a practical way the application of new technologies to improve tourism marketing with the participation of representatives of leading companies such as Beonprice, the Spanish company of reference of revenue management, the channel manager ParityRate or the Hotel Technological Institute, completing a must to understand how it has changed in a few years the functioning of the marketing of tourism in which the use of big data and consolidating the use of channel manager, which brings together information from hundreds of agents changing table its offer of hosting on and off line every minute is crucial.

So also highlighted at the opening both the Director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, which affected the increase in the number of travelers and the potential of Galicia as the president of the council, Carmela Silva, and the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero along with the president of the Tourism Cluster of Galicia, Francisco Gonzalez, and the president of Segittur, Antonio Lopez de Avila, were responsible for opening this conference, which gathered more than 350 professionals of Galician tourism sector.