Galicia Destino Sostenible offers training in sustainability communication to companies that are part of the Club

Galicia Destino Sostenible offers training in sustainability communication to companies that are part of the Club

  • The objective is to support associates in the communication of companies to value their efforts to be increasingly sustainable, reaching aware people who seek responsible tourism.
  • The training, free of charge, is aimed at all companies members of the Galicia Sustainable Destination Club.
  • Registration is open until November 14.


The Galicia Destino Sostenible initiative offers training in sustainability communication to all those companies that are part of the Club. Through this, associates will have the opportunity to learn the keys to bringing the company’s environmental performance closer to tourists. This training enhances communication skills and a sustainable focus to improve the degree of satisfaction and the relationship of companies with tourists who visit Galicia. The importance of environmental, social and good governance actions will be discussed in order to structure a tourism offer differentiated by its connection with sustainable development.


The training will consist of two sessions. The first, in-person, is open to companies members of the Club, upon registration. It will take place on November 16, starting at 10:00 a.m., in the Fontán room of the Cidade da Cultura, in Santiago de Compostela. The second session will consist of online and personal training, lasting 2 hours, in which we will work on the reality of each company. It is aimed at a maximum of 30 companies and will take place between November 27 and December 5.


This training will be given by Pedro Tasende, manager of the communication agency Aporta Comunicación and journalist with extensive experience in sustainability and corporate communication. The general program incorporates issues such as the identification of interest groups, the second focus on activity, media and sustainability, greenwashing, the importance of narrative, internal and external communication, strategic vision, operational plan and good practices. Read here all the information.


To participate, you must register through this link before November 14. On the page itself you can indicate if you are interested in attending only the in-person training, or if you also want to participate in the individualized training. Please note that to participate in the second session, you must have attended the first.


For more information you can contact us by email at or by phone at 881 50 51 02.