Launch the special programming do Rías Baixas Wine Route in its 20th anniversary


Launch the special programming do Rías Baixas Wine Route in its 20th anniversary

On the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the DO Rías Baixas Wine Route, the non-profit association has launched a special program that includes a wide range of activities, including tastings, hiking trails include and BTT and such diverse activities that will develop every month and is supplemented by actions on line, as the draws to be held on 20th of each month through its facebook page.

Activities, meanwhile, will start next March 4 with the first of the four proposals of the tastings among friends. This initiative will be four of the main Galician cities Santiago, Pontevedra, A Coruña and Vigo’s over the next three months. Nacho Costoya sommelier will be responsible for conducting tastings under Santiago (March 4), Pontevedra (April 1), A Coruña (April 22) and Vigo (May 6).

For the summer months both tasting catamaran, which last year saw great success of call, as a popular race and mountain bike and hiking trails are proposed. Moreover, from the Rías Baixas Wine Route do they include specific activities to partners. These include two talks colloquium on sales techniques and digital marketing, to be held in March and June respectively.

Moreover, since the non-profit association will promote activities accessible this year. “We are in talks with various entities, such as Down Compostela Foundation to provide initiatives tailored to the groups they represent. We want to encourage proposals along these lines, and we are included in the Guide to Accessible wine routes for All of Predif and believe it is our duty to meet the demands of different sectors of the population it represented “specified Lorena Varela.

This entire program be joining specific proposals on the occasion of the Open Days, scheduled for late May, and the European Day of Wine, to be held on November 13. “We will try to include initiatives that are compatible with all sectors of society, taking advantage of the infrastructure of our partners to accommodate all groups,” he said Lorena Varela.

Since its inception, Route Rias Baixas do Viño has opted for a wine of quality and provide the best and most varied range of leisure visitors, which earned him the only Galician wine tourism itinerary certified Wine Route Spain and included in the Guide to Accessible wine routes for PREDIF. These awards certificates Q for Quality and other mentions of Integral Quality System for Tourist Destinations (SICTED) are added.