Galician rural tourism invites us to discover the paths of autumn through its catalog of products


Galician rural tourism invites us to discover the paths of autumn through its catalog of products

Nearly 40 rural tourism establishments in Galicia coordinated their proposals under the slogan “Travels along the autumn roads”.

The catalogue includes 37 experiences and is available on the website, starting with “A surprise weekend of rural tourism” for the nights of 28 and 29 September.

Under the name “Travels along the paths of Autumn”, the catalogue of Galician rural tourism products was presented in Santiago. This catalogue has been developed in recent months on the initiative of the Galician Federation of Rural Tourism (Fegatur) and the Galician Association of Rural Tourism (Agatur), with the participation of the Galician Tourism Cluster within its competition of ideas and the support, ultimately, of Galician Tourism, whose director, Nava Castro.

In total the catalogue includes 37 different experiences for all audiences or for specific audiences such as families, young people, seniors or groups that will be offered at least during the months of October and November, so that guests of rural tourism establishments can experience different “autumn paths”: from taking part in the apple and wine harvesting processes at the beginning of October, to the harvesting of forest fruits, to getting closer to natural environments in regions such as Ribeira Sacra, Tabeirós-Terra de Montes, Arousa-Sar, Mariña Lucense, Costa da Morte, Allariz or Cabana de Bergantiños. Also included are hiking routes, night observation, an approach to rural traditions, stories in trees, routes of the senses, and of course, autumn gastronomy. Another of the proposals are workshops of interpretation of the landscape in different regions, of Celtic culture or of photography.

The catalogue elaboration process involved four rural tourism associations and a total of 38 establishments: Mar de Compostela in the region of A Estrada-Forcarei, Campo e Mar in the region of Arousa-Sar, Ribeira Sacra Rural in the regions of Ribeira Sacra de Lugo e Ourense and Lugo Costa in the Mariña Lucense as well as rural tourism establishments located throughout Galicia, many of them associated with Fegatur and Agatur.

The experiences collected in this catalog arose around the different working tables and a day of meeting held this past summer. In these meetings it was concluded that the demand for this type of establishments is growing but that the seasonality is still very high, hence the interest in promoting activities and proposals outside the peak season.

Surprise experience
In addition to presenting the catalogue, a special action was also announced: “A surprise weekend of rural tourism”, which will take place in the last weekend of September to publicize some of the most representative Galician geodestinos and, depending on the rural house chosen, have a surprise experience offered by the establishment. Those who book a night at that time will get another one as a gift at the establishment of their choice.

News on the web
Both the Catalogue of rural tourism products of Galicia – Autumn 2018 and the special action “A surprise end of rural tourism”, is compiled on the website, from where you can choose an experience and a destination and check the participating rural houses, as well as the conditions of service.

The product catalogue is aimed at the general public and also at travel agencies and groups or companies organising activities in the regions where rural tourism establishments are located. In fact, some of the proposals are specifically for groups, so that one or more establishments meet the demand and put customers in contact with companies for complementary services.

To facilitate coordination between promoters and rural tourism establishments, a contact telephone number is set up: 631 179 252 and an e-mail address: Since the initiative was presented, several travel agencies and active tourism companies have been interested in some of the products proposed to incorporate them into their offer and the corresponding negotiation process has begun.