The thermal sector in Spain reached the turnover of rural tourism

Thermal Tourism in Spain report analyzes the situation, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement this sector in Spain

Marketing problems, knowledge and maintenance of facilities and an unclear positioning of a very fragmented sector are some of the weaknesses of the thermal sector in Spain, a sector that, however, turnover of 225 million euros last year through 20,000 places available in the 114 existing spas in our territory. This volume business puts the thermal sector at the same level as that of the rural houses, so it is clear that we have a strategic sector, also in Galicia.

Galicia are 3,000 seats sold in 21 establishments and the 300 catchments existing hot springs, according to data from 2013 of the Association of Spas of Galicia. “The thermal tourism opens a new niche of customers because it provides a new range of systems, methods and will consolidate the future of this market in our country,” says Mario Crecente, study author Thermal Tourism in Spain. In this report, which was presented in Madrid this May, contains a number of proposals to improve the knowledge of heritage, meet the demand and needs, make proper monitoring of maintenance facilities and improving equipment and efficient energy management.

Crecente says in its report that it is necessary to classify and define the offer, giving it quality, making management of sustainable resources and have a dedicated facilities while improving product marketing through the creation of websites and specialized app or through product clubs or associations specializing in the marketing of this type of product because we have a very fragmented supply and little known among international tour operators. In this regard, it would be necessary to improve the training of tour guides, languages, training courses, marketing the medical sector or the creation of a Superior Cycle Thermal Design.