The current challenge for tourism companies is to arrive alive at the moment when confidence is restored

The current challenge for tourism companies is to arrive alive at the moment when confidence is restored

The Cluster thanks the Galicians who have taken the opportunity to re-discover Galicia during the summer months in which they were able to travel


Galicia offers sustainable tourism without crowds, has excellent resources and the opportunity that a two-year Xacobeo represents, but now the important thing is that companies can stay alive during the six months until the recovery of trust begins in traveling. The president of the Galician Tourism Cluster, Cesáreo Pardal, made these statements in an extensive interview on the TVG program A Revista Fin de Semana, in which he spoke about the expectations of the sector for the Xacobeo biennium.

Cesáreo Pardal stressed that it is “very important that the Xacobeo be extended for another year, because the first six months of 2021 are going to be very hard for the sector.” In this sense, he pointed out that it is expected to reach between 2.5 and 3 million visitors in 2021, a figure that is far from the 6 million that had been foreseen in the Strategic Plan prior to the pandemic.

The president of the Cluster highlighted the importance that in 2021 it is possible to do “the Xacobeo of the Galicians: that the people of Galicia embark on doing, for the first time or again, the Camino de Santiago”. He added that it is an opportunity to rediscover Galicia and recalled that the sector has “much to thank the people of Galicia, who are already doing so and have done so during the summer, when the occupancy figures were able to recover above the expected”.

Cesáreo Pardal insisted on the character of Galicia as a safe destination. On the one hand, Galicia offers a tourism without crowds and sustainable and, on the other, the tourist establishments took very seriously the adoption of the protocols agreed with the Administration to reaffirm that security and trust. In this sense, he said he was “very proud” of a sector that has known how to be part of the solution, and never of the problem.

Finally, he stressed how important it is that all travelers to Galicia have free and specific insurance that covers any eventuality related to the pandemic.