The Galician Cinema & Food Festival builds bridges between New York and Galicia

The festival projects Galician award-winning films and show the Atlantic gastronomy

Between 20 and 23 June, the Cervantes Institute in New York hold the Galician Cinema & Food Festival (GC & FF), the largest event Galicia held in the US this year with the aim of building bridges between the two places and provide a sample of our cinema, painting, gastronomy and even Galicia as the only place to enjoy astronomy, while he pays tribute to the work of the Galician emigrants in the history of the Big Apple.

Thus, during the festival presents one of the Starlight destinations Galicia, A Trevinca in A Veiga, from the hand of Oscar Blanco, one of the best Astrophotographers of Spain, to discover through projections prepared for the occasion the brightest stars Galician sky.

The huge dining projection come from the hand of lucense cook Nove group, Álvaro Villasante, who moved to NYC to show what the Atlantic kitchen through a showcooking reserved for the press and then the cocktail served the day the closing of the festival. All made with Galician products and watered by the best wines, ciders and beer. All enlivened by music DJ, s Galician, Javier Rial.

Multiaward movies
But the main course of this festival, as its name suggests, was the cinema. The GC & FF NYC projected finalists and winning films of the last edition of the prizes Mestre Mateo ‘Beach drowned’, ‘Dirty Wolves’, ‘High pressure’ and ‘The Unknown’, the latter also achieved 2 Goya awards. Precisely it will fly from Galicia to be in NYC Goya winner and Mestre Mateo by ‘The Unknown’ Jorge Coira, to participate in the first meeting of Hispanic and American filmmakers. Captained by Adam Aliaga and Natalia Dasilva, they are confirmed as speakers: Ana Asensio, Alex Lora and Martin Rosete and self Jorge Coira.
The festival also will feature the participation of students and teachers of IES Celanova, who presented his short film ‘Looking for Bill Viola’ video art made from Galicia in a job that Viola himself supervised from a distance. how to educate through film with a chat with all the players after the screening of the short it will be shown. This from a side of the Atlantic, and the other, from America, will be shown short ‘The Red Car’, filmed by students of the Ghetto Film School in New York in Sada, La Coruna, this past summer. An incredible experience worthy of being told firsthand by its protagonists and will be released a little more work this exemplary American institution.
Painting and literature
During the festival the painter of Os Peares, Orense, José Manuel Vazquez Ribada, author of portraits of Milan Kundera, Camilo Jose Cela, Dario Fo, Umberto Eco, Gao Xingjian, Thierry Foulc, Patricio Pron, Bill Viola or Jack Vanarsky showed your painting. The festival offered a tribute to our Nobel Prize for Literature, Camilo Jose Cela on his first centenary aniversary of birth.